Dan Arel | January 15, 2019

When I first launched Think Privacy last year, I did so as a closed sourced site. I wanted to create something simple, a blend between sites like PrivacyTools, Privacy.Haus, and Prism Break. I love all of those sites and they helped me through my own journey to taking privacy more seriously.

However, each site had something I thought could be done a bit different. I wanted to make something as simple as I could for everyone, even the person who just wants to do a little.

I think my site is doing that, but I was researching apps one day and came across a discussion of my post on Reddit, under the PrivacyTools subreddit, and found a few criticisms and some support. As a writer and author, criticism is nothing new, but I found one comment that stuck out and made me think. Why was my site closed?

Why was it? I get a lot of emails from visitors or companies suggesting apps I should add. Why not allow them to make direct contributions? I would still have control over what was posted and have final say on what made it through, so why not get the amazing open source, privacy focused community involved?

So, with that, I am so happy to officially announce that as of January 5, 2019 Think Privacy is open source and on GitHub for user contributions. I look forward to what users recommend and what kind of changes they suggest. I look forward to seeing what this project can become.